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Craft blogs

Along with my food obsession, I also have quite an interest in crafting and art, especially all things handmade and original.  My problem is that I like too many things and would love to learn to do all sorts of things.  I think I’ve mentioned this problem before, but lately the solution has been awful – I do nothing but just drool over all these projects that I’d love to take on.  I have been reading craft blogs today and exploring Etsy (I introduced my mother to Etsy today and she’s hooked, too).  I watched the teaser for Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation documentary and drooled some more.  I check notmartha nearly every day for her links on craft, food, miscellany, shopping and tech (she’s awesome!) and often spend hours each week chasing the links she posts.  There is just too much out there to see – it leaves very little time for actual work. 

So, I am going to contemplate a hiatus from surfing.  I will still do my daily internet chores most days (email, checking the blog, etc), but if I don’t quit looking at other people’s stuff, I’ll end up even more frustrated.  As for the projects I have going at the moment, they will have to be finished or my house will only get more cluttered.  Right now I have a sewing project (blanket – started spring of 2007), a whole lot of plastic bag reuse projects (knitting and ironing layers to make material for totes – started summer 2007), some canvas that I painted on and decided I didn’t like and want to paint over, a beading project and some scanography prints that I want to make into cards. 

On top of all that is the house, but that’s another subject.


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