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Day 19: Proverbs 16:32

For a reminder of what I am doing this month, read this post.

Proverbs 16:32

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,
And he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

There are some people who seem to have the gift of being slow to anger.  They take life so laid back that they hardly ever get immediately angry about things.  I am not one of those people.  I’m married to one, but it hasn’t rubbed off on me yet.  Last night, Mike went to watch hockey while I stayed home with the kids (my choice, but still).  Anger.  This morning I found Elias painting on the bathroom countertop with my concealer.  Anger.  Looking outside to see blizzard like conditions – at nearly the end of April!  Maybe not anger, but it wouldn’t take much for me to feel it.  I can’t count the number of times I get angry each day.  Yes, I have more peaceful days when I seem to avoid it more often than not, but other days are just full of it.  This verse tells us that those who are slow to anger are better than the mighty, and that one who rules his spirit is better than one who takes over a city.  The imagery might not work as well for us now, but it does still apply to us.  A strong man is only worth his strength if he knows how to control it.  Anger has the potential to be even more powerful than strength – even the weakest person can become angry and do terrible things with his anger. 

It should be another daily task for us to keep our anger in check – to think before we allow our emotions to get the better of us.  It is not an easy task, but an important one if we wish to have good relationships with others. 

As a mother, this is a challenge at times.  I once got very angry with my kids over something fairly trivial and after the smoke had cleared from all the yelling, I realized that I had overreacted.  It has been at least a year since it happened, but I remember it like it was yesterday because of how awful it made me feel afterward.  I hope to never do it again, but it will happen if I don’t work at being slow to anger.

When I think on the second half of this verse and what it means to “rule your spirit”, I think of my emotions.  When someone is spirited, they are full of life, and emotions are a huge part of life.  Keeping those emotions under control is also very important.  Women are often very good at turning on the tears.  At times, I am convinced that there is nothing we can do to prevent them, but other times, they are purely manipulative.  This is just one area where we must rule our spirits by controlling emotions. 

Well, finally a day where I’m finishing my entry during the day and not late at night – I should do it every day, but I often have bad writer’s block until my kids are in bed at night.  Now I’m off to do a bit of brainstorming on our bulletin announcement for the craft/hobby day we’re hosting at church (by we, I mean my Bible study) and then hopefully to take a nap.  We’ll see how long the first task takes.

This verse of the day comes from VOTD.


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