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Early to bed, and early to rise…

Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise??  Is that how it goes?

I’ve checked, and yes, that’s what it says, and it was Benjamin Franklin who said it.  Note the use of the word “man”. 

So what about women?  What good does it do us humble housewives to go to bed early and get up early?  Well, I have one answer to the early to bed part, anyway.

We went to bed early last night (yes, that’s where I’m going with this) and it turned out to be a smart decision.  We were asleep, I’ll bet, by ten o’clock, which is a feat for us – we are up past eleven on most nights.  I was soundly asleep when I heard Jenny crying.  This is not unusual, as she wakes up crying quite often, usually just because she has to go to the bathroom.  I shook off my stupor and went in to find out what the problem was.  Jenny was very disoriented and carrying on about someone getting her.  She kept saying, “Look, look!” and pointing at the bed, but all I saw was a little something that I quickly brushed off, assuming it was fuzz.  But then I felt the front of her pajamas and they were wet.  I couldn’t imagine that she had cried all that much, but I still figured she was just having a nightmare and so I tried to lay her back down in bed.  That’s when the back of my hand came into contact with her pillow and it was wet.  And lumpy.  And then I smelled it.  How I didn’t smell that sickly sweet scent when I walked into the room, I’ll never know.

We had lentil soup for supper and that’s what I found all over Jenny’s bed last night.  And a bit on the wall as well, for good measure.  Jenny has taken to sleeping with five or six blankets lately (just baby blankets, not comforters), and there was puke on EVERY SINGLE ONE.  I could hardly believe that – I thought I could at least salvage a few to put over her when the sheets were changed. 

So, once the vomit was discovered, I directed Jenny to the bathroom and started stripping the bed.  She had puke all over her pajamas and when I tried to take them off, I realized that it wasn’t going to happen without depositing a fair amount of that into her hair.  She already had a bit in her hair, but I thought that maybe I could just wipe it out with a washcloth.  The goal here was to avoid giving her a bath in the middle of the night, in part because it just wasn’t something I felt like doing, and in part because she had just had a bath before bed.  However, there was simply no way around it, so I quickly washed her up and put her in new pajamas. 

As far as I can tell, the whole process only took me fifteen or twenty minutes, right up to getting her back into bed with a new pillow, clean sheets and a king sized blanket folded over to cover her up.  I got back into bed, was just trying to go to sleep and she yelled to say she had to go to the bathroom.  Ugh (I wish there was a better way to type that sound…).

It was at least midnight when I got to sleep and then Erik picked two o’clock as a good time to get up.  He is so ready for solids – I can’t wait for next week!

Oh, yeah, on that note: I’m anal.  Ask anyone who really knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m annoyingly anal about some things.  When I start solids is one that even I don’t totally get.  I mean, I know that it’s not good for their stomachs until they are six months old, but what difference can a week make?  Erik has been acting hungrier than normal for the last week or so and I’m sure it’s because he wants more than just breastmilk.  But because of my personality (flaw), I am waiting until he is officially six months old, which is Monday.  I did this with Jenny and Elias and they turned out just fine.  I know it’s weird, but whatever. 

There’s a whole lot more to write about, but all this remembering about missing sleep is making me tired and I just can’t bear to go on.  So, next time you can hear about my early mornings, my lack of Christmas decorating and planning, my schedule conflicts and how the economy is affecting our household.  Doesn’t that just sound terrific?  Stay tuned…


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