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This is completely unrelated to my last post and to housekeeping in general – but related very much to my “everyday life”. 

Drumroll please…

Elias pooped on the toilet today!  I feel like such a lazy bum that he’s as old as he is and not potty trained yet, but we have been working on it..some.  He’s not that old, I know, and I get a lot of people saying, “Why not let it wait until he’s three and then try again?”  The answer: “I am not going to wait another seven months to potty train him!!  No way, no how!”  So I am trying to get into a habit of putting him on the toilet frequently throughout the day – today we got back from lunch and Jenny wasn’t with us as she decided she wanted to go to Grandma’s for her nap (and more importantly, Grandma said it was okay).  Anyway, I put Elias on the toilet, figuring maybe he would pee and it would save me a diaper (truth be told, he needed it changed when we were out to lunch and all I had was one of Erik’s which is two sizes too small…so one less pee in it during a nap would be good).  I left him on for awhile and ignored him saying he was done three times before I finally had made up my mind to go in and take him off.  The first thing I saw was that he was playing with a dirty diaper he fished out of the garbage.  Yeah, I know..little boys…but then I realized that there was more to this story!  I made such a big fuss about it but held out and didn’t give him any candy or anything…I don’t think he would make the connection at this point.  I did let him leave a message for Mike on his cell phone.  Something like, “Poop.  Poopy.  Yeah,” as I couldn’t get him to say that he had done it on the toilet.  I just couldn’t help myself – I remember feeling like this when we had this breakthrough with Jenny…I called my dad, in fact.

Anyway, sorry if you can’t stand the thought of all this poop and toilet training, but this is very much a part of any mother’s job and it is lacking in glamour to be certain.  However, it is a necessary evil leading to freedom from diaper changing.  For me, it will at least mean I only have to change one child’s diaper.  Hooray!

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